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Our Story

Welcome to Wassiyyah! Our goal is to reach every part of the world to inspire people to uphold obligations and help create their estate plans most efficiently and affordably.

The most precious gift you can give in your life is the best estate plan which can last longer than any other gift

Wassiyyah's story started in 2014 when I created my secular Will with an expert who created thousands of Wills to comply with legal laws. So, there was no doubt that it would not go as planned.

After a few months, I realized my estate plan shortcoming and missing puzzle when I was comfortably sitting on the couch after Dhuhar prayer and reading Holy Quran, approached Surah An-Nisa, verses 11-14, and my heart was blown with unusual feelings.

I started thinking; Is my Will valid religiously? And Would that allow distributions of estates as per values and beliefs? Then I started to look for resources to find an expert who could help me to transform my Will to comply with my wishes.

Unfortunately, I had to customize my Will by using free online templates without any objective and goal with a get-it-done mentality before I embarked on my spiritual Journey (i.e., Hajj or Pilgrimage).

When I look back and compare it to now, I see that huge gap in estate planning knowledge and strategy⸺ I did not know what would be the legal implications of my Will whether it would work or not? What are the implications for joint or co-ownerships on my Will?

How does Inheritance law impact my estate plan? Is creating Will good enough, or should I create Trust? And is that the right estate plan based on my situation? Am I going to meet the Estate planning compliance? And many more unknown questions that I could not answer and did not bother to think about.

The decision-making was immature, and my estate plan was weak and vulnerable. That's the pretty much story you will find most people face irrespective of their background, profession, or status.

I do not want the worldwide community to face what I went through. Estate planning topic is complex and expensive, which forms the perfect barrier, and that's the reason why many die without fulfilling estate planning religious obligations or leave with estate plans that are not practical.

Since then, Wassiyyah has volunteered to help many families create their estate plans. We did many public presentations in many worldwide communities and extended our efforts to hundreds of media channels and many top universities.

Finally, you see, Wassiyyah is a fully established estate planning company in Canada with years of hard work from a dedicated team of experts. Wassiyyah aims to provide compliant estate planning services by eliminating barriers and borders. Keep reading below to learn more about our visions and the work of Wassiyyah.

Thanks for your interest in Wassiyyah.

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Our Vision and Works

Wassiyyah's goal is to reach every part of the world to help a community in creating and inspiring the spiritual journey of estate planning.


Wassiyyah provides worldwide estate planning services. Wassiyyah's estate plans are specific to the country or jurisdictions (i.e., state, province, or territory) based on the type of estate plan you create. Read more about Scope and boundaries!


Our Islamic estate planning expertise comes from in-depth research of worldwide legal laws and requirements, listening to the experts' advice, working with customers, and being open to feedback from customer experience. Wassiyyah highly relies on a team of experts, Attorneys, and highly qualified (Doctorate/Ph.D.) Muftis. See our Endorsements, Recognitions, and Testimonials.


Wassiyyah delivers the service in the simplest way that does not require high expertise from the customer. Wassiyyah's DASHBOARD for creating an estate plan does not require users to fill out the information and deliver the estate plan and the instructions guide in an MS Word document. This can help users' privacy and Wassiyyah in many ways that you can read more HERE.


We hear and improve from real-life practical experience, so our estate plans are optimized to the level that meets contemporary needs. Islamic estate planning is a complex but important subject, academically and religiously. Creating an estate plan is the first step, but many other external factors must be handled diligently to make the outcome more effective and practical. The customers' objective must be met, and that's Wassiyyah's ultimate objective too. To achieve this, Wassiyyah provides exclusive premium content access and learning academy resource for premium members. Wassiyyah also provides a detailed instructions guide (tailored to specific estate plans and country/jurisdictions) when you purchase your estate plan. Check out our centralized Decision-making tools.


There are two bottleneck issues for Islamic estate planning that everyone is aware of are; expertise and affordability. That's why, Wassiyyah has scaled estate planning services worldwide with the most affordable pricing without compromising compliance, quality, and service. See our Membership and Pricing details.


Estate planning, in general, has been a last priority for most people worldwide. People delay estate planning irrespective of status, caste, religion, qualification, or profession. As many surveys revealed, this dire fact of low estate planning compliance rate does not require much explanation. Wassiyyah takes this as a priority to create awareness in the best way possible. Wassiyyah's goal is not just commercial but to help and inspire Muslims and non-Muslim communities worldwide through article publishing and media outreach. Wassiyyah has been seen on hundreds of news media channels and at the world's top universities.


Wassiyyah is transparent about what can and cannot provide (for more information, go to the ELIGIBILITY section under TERMS). You can learn more about Wassiyyah's service in the FAQs.



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