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Can I able to fill out information online for my estate plan in Wassiyyah?

You do not need to fill out the information as Wassiyyah will give you the estate plan in word format. Wassiyyah does not provide online filling of information services for a few reasons.

  1. Wassiyyah takes the accuracy of estate plans seriously. Any small mistake can be disastrous for the user due to coding, an online glitch, or any other technical or administrative issue. No single PDF or Word file creation software available in the market can give accuracy close to Microsoft's original document because Microsoft never developed online word processing software for such application, and most online Word and PDF form generator companies rely on third-party open source software. These open-source software never gets updated to mitigate the risk because they are free to use with your own risk. So, Wassiyyah does not prefer to use this vulnerable third-party software to create PDF or word documents that would not be perfect. You can check the online Wills providers' disclaimer and notice the issue we point out here.

  2. Wassiyyah provides a worldwide estate plan with the most complex coding algorithms compared to country-specific Will providers. Creating and maintaining many templates through the third-party codes that Wassiyyah offers is impossible. You can manage one template but not many templates.

  3. Wassiyyah aims to deliver accurate estate plans to comply with the most up-to-date legal laws, making coding difficult if any future update is necessary.

  4. Wassiyyah does not prefer allowing users to enter information online and store it in a website database because the entered information may or may not be accurate due to human error, and that's why Wassiyyah provides an accurate estate plan that users will fill out on their own with their own responsibilities.

  5. Wassiyyah aims to provide an easy-to-use service that takes 2-3 minutes for users to customize and purchase an estate plan.

  6. Wassiyyah takes the utmost care when handling customers' privacy, including their personal information. Filling out information online would save users' personal information online, which is not what Wassiyyah recommends and follow. Wassiyyah will only need information about purchasing, and that is stored under Paypal or Apple Pay server.

  7. Lastly, Wassiyyah respects the aesthetics and integrity of estate planning documents, making it easy for customers to fill in the information in the most upgraded Microsoft word format that is not achievable with coding.



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