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FAQs about Wassiyyah

What is Wassiyyah?

Wassiyyah provides Islamic estate planning resources. Wassiyyah's aim is to reach every part of the world by providing affordable estate planning resources.

What is unique about Wassiyyah?

Wassiyyah provides Islamic estate planning resources for the worldwide Muslim community. You will find many experts in general estate planning but challenging to find Islamic estate planning field. We are here to serve worldwide and reach every Muslim home.

How would Wassiyyah deliver an estate plan?

After your purchase, you will receive an estate plan document (Islamic Will, Trust, Living Will, Power of Attorney) in Microsoft word format. You could able to open and modify estate plans for free using the Microsoft office 365 online version.

Is Wassiyyah secure?

As we mentioned, Wassiyyah takes the security issue seriously. We only use as little personal information to process the transaction, but you do not need to provide any family or asset-related personal information to create your estate plan on Wassiyyah. We use bank-grade security for our service. You can sign up free with only your name and email address.

Can I able to see my all purchased estate plans on Wassiyyah?

Your past estate plans are always available at your fingertips under Wassiyyah> Login> My Account> My orders. You can retrieve your estate plans at any time in the future if you want to modify and re-sign.

What is the format for estate plans and instruction guides?

It comes in a single Microsoft word document. After you purchase, you will receive an email link to download a word document that includes an estate plan and instruction guide. You can also access the Word document under Wassiyyah> My account> My orders. Do not print an instruction guide for signing as that is to keep with you for information. Wassiyyah does not offer a service that requires entering all your personal information for many reasons.

  1. Wassiyyah takes the accuracy of estate plans seriously. Any small mistake can be disastrous for the user due to coding or an online glitch issue. No single PDF or Word file creation software available in the market can give accuracy close to Microsoft's original document. So, Wassiyyah does not use that vulnerable third-party software to create PDF or word documents that would not be perfect.

  2. Wassiyyah provides a worldwide estate plan with the most complex coding algorithms compared to country-specific Will providers.

  3. Wassiyyah aims to deliver accurate estate plans to comply with the most up-to-date legal laws, making coding difficult if any future update is necessary.

  4. Wassiyyah aims to provide an easy-to-use service that takes 2-3 minutes for users to customize and purchase an estate plan.

  5. Wassiyyah takes the utmost care when handling customers' privacy, including their personal information. Filling out information online would save users' personal information online, which is not what Wassiyyah recommends and follow. Wassiyyah will only need information about purchasing, and that is stored under Paypal or Apple Pay server.

  6. Lastly, Wassiyyah respects the aesthetics and integrity of estate planning documents, making it easy for customers to fill in the information in the most upgraded Microsoft word format that is not achievable with coding.

Can I able to modify estate plans at any time in the future?

You can revise and re-sign estate plans anytime in the future as long as you are mentally capable. However, we suggest reading When do I need to update my estate plan? before you make a decision to update your estate plan.

How long does it take to create my estate plan on Wassiyyah?

You can create sharia compliant estate plan on Wassiyyah in less than 5 minutes and are ready to sign in an hour, assuming you have all the required information per the instructions guide. With Wassiyyah, you do not worry about legal and Sharia compliance.


Can I create estate plans on any device and any browser?

Yes, of course. You would need a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, phone, or similar device that works on any browser.

Do I need to make payment in advance to start my estate plans?

Yes, You must be a Premium or Ultimate member to get access to start your estate plan. However, you can access the dashboard HERE without becoming a member.

Is the cost of the Premium or Ultimate membership and estate plans refundable?

The cost of Premium and Ultimate membership, as well as the cost of the estate plans, is non-refundable.

Can I able to upgrade my membership from Premium to Ultimate?

No. You can not upgrade membership plans. You have to purchase every membership plan separately.

Is everything offered under Premium membership covered under Ultimate membership?

Yes. If you buy the Ultimate membership, then you do not need to buy Premium membership as everything offered under Premium will be covered under Ultimate membership.

What to do if you purchased a plan but cannot download it?

Without waiting, please contact us HERE, and we will try to respond in 24-48 hours.

What should I know about the cart's abandoned items (i.e., estate plans)?

You can not abandon items (i.e., estate plans) in the shopping CART for over a month; otherwise, we may delete or cancel your Premium or Ultimate membership. Also, avoid filling the CART with more than 10 (TEN) items to prevent Premium or Ultimate membership cancellations. Please also check the items and number of items in the cart before making an order. Follow the instructions HERE to delete the items (i.e., estate plans) in the cart, and to prevent any mistake, wrong order, or cancellation of a Premium and Ultimate account. The cost of Premium and Ultimate membership, as well as the cost of the estate plans, is non-refundable.

Do you provide counseling support after I create estate plans on your website?

We provide extensive support questions through blogs and articles; you may not need counseling support in most situations. However, you may consider signing up for One-to-one session for US$100 per hour per estate plan. This is a personalized online session for you and your family. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding estate planning in general and creating an estate plan. After you make payment, we will confirm and send you an online meeting invite for the session in a week or two.

Do you offer free sessions on Islamic inheritance law and Islamic estate plans?

Yes, we do offer a free session. You may consider booking HERE.

What do you mean by "mental incapability"?

Mental incapability is an inability through mental illness or significant cognitive impairment to carry on the everyday affairs of life or to care for one's person or property with reasonable discretion.

If you are confused or don't know where to start, please JOIN US​ to receive your free E-Book, "Beginners guide to Islamic estate planning," specially designed for those who seriously want to make their estate plan completed in the easiest and quickest way.

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