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Wassiyyah's Support

Thanks for reaching out to us! Our goal is to make you happy.

We assure you that you will get the right support. Our team has learned over the years and established an extensive database of questions through blogs. We also provide other direct and indirect support apart from the database. Before you reach Premium support, please try the options below. If you cannot find answers, use the Basic, Premium, or Ultimate member options based on your membership status. Premium Blogs and Articles are only accessible to Premium and Ultimate members, so if you are a basic member trying to find the answer, which is not available because you are not a Premium or Ultimate member. Wassiyyah provides answers to the only products that are currently offered. Please watch the following video to help you expedite support. As mentioned in the video, you can search your QUESTIONS HERE to get started.

GET FREE GUIDE is the best to start with if you have any questions about choosing specific products.

SEARCH HERE if you have questions about Islamic estate planning, bequests, gifts, or related.

SEARCH HERE if you have questions about Islamic Inheritance, succession law, or related.

SIGN UP WITH MEMBERSHIP if you have questions related to choosing different memberships.

PRICING if you have questions about the cost of membership and estate plans

FAQs has answers to your questions about Wassiyyah's service.

LEGALITY QUESTIONS has answered most of your questions related to the Legality of service or related.

FEEDBACK if you want to provide feedback about your experience with Wassiyyah.

Pre-sale Questions

Feel free to BOOK YOUR CALL for any pre-sale questions.

Basic member support

If you are a Basic member and cannot find the answer to the above resources, please provide FEEDBACK so that we can update our database with questions, and we will try our best to notify you. Please don't forget to leave an email in the FEEDBACK form; otherwise, we may not be able to let us know about your questions.

Premium and Ultimate member support

If you are a Premium or Ultimate member and cannot find the answer from the above resources, please CONTACT US HERE without waiting. We will try to address your questions in 24-48 hours. Following are the additional options available to Premium or Ultimate members only. One of the important things to note is that you provide the correct email when you contact us. We will not be able to support if the email provided is incorrect.

BOOK ONE-TO-ONE CONSULTATIONS if you need full private sessions for you and your family.

BOOK A FREE SESSION OR EVENT if you have a group of Ten (10) or more people and are interested in a free session.

Guidelines and Terms using support

Wassiyyah has full discretion for not providing answers to any questions. Wassiyyah will try to inform you in case if cannot provide the answer or need more time to provide the answer. Wassiyyah's service full terms, copyrights, and disclaimers can be found HERE. You must agree to our terms and condones before you use our service.

Feedback is most welcome

Wassiyyah values and welcome your feedback! What you like and What you do not like matters a lot to us. It helps us grow and improve customer experience. If you are happy with our resources or want to provide feedback on corrections, errors, or improvements, please leave your FEEDBACK HERE.

If Wassiyyah has added value to your life or others, please consider providing your TESTIMONIAL HERE. Your privacy matters, so please let us know, and we can ensure to display information as you wish in Testimonials.

We hope you enjoy choosing Wassiyyah as your Islamic estate planning service provider! If you like Wassiyyah, please feel free to recommend and share with others on social media to use our service.



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