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Wealth management Tools

Debt is very difficult, and you will hardly find debt-free people on earth. Wealth management becomes a priority for Muslims ensuring Islamic compliance in a precious life.

Unfortunately, Many people die with large debts and no estate plan (which could cover the debt obligation to be fulfilled), so their debt obligation remains pending. Read here more about why managing debts is important for Muslims!

Not all decisions about wealth are bad. But for those who solely rely on debts, that create issues in the long term. Mortgages, loans, and lines of credit make it easy for someone to trap in debt. Wassiyyah inspires many people for making the best decisions. Taking time is worth millions when you especially make big debt transactions. Holy Quran reminds us of debt which is clear in the following quote.

If it is difficult for someone to repay a debt, postpone it until a time of ease. And if you waive it as an act of charity, it will be better for you, if only you knew. Be mindful of the Day when you will all be returned to Allah, then every soul will be paid in full for what it has done, and none will be wronged. - Holy Quran 2:280-281

Wassiyyah is here to help you effectively manage your debt issue through content, tools, and more. Wassiyyah's team has worked over the years in research and inspired many people coming out from mortgages, loans, and credits. Wassiyyah's team has been working on providing wealth management tools to help you to make decisions before signing up for mortgages, loans, and credits. The Wassiyyah't tool will help you quickly come out of debt for those already in debt. Please see the screenshot below of the Wealth management tools. Please click on each of the tools below to see a more detailed screenshot.

  1. Before Debt Management

  2. Mortgage Interest Management

  3. Auto & Furniture loan Management

  4. Credit Interest Management

  5. Individual Incometax Management

  6. Estate planning Management

​If you are confused or don't know where to start, please JOIN US to receive your free E-Book, "Beginners guide to Islamic estate planning," specially designed for those who seriously want to make their estate plan completed in the easiest and quickest way.

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