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Thanks for your interest in writing.

Wassiyyah allows Premium or Ultimate members for those who enjoy writing. Our guidelines are simple.

  1. The topic should be related to Inheritance, Estate planning, morals, affection, and love.

  2. Wassiyyah will craft the images and banner for your blog posts. So, you do not need to send a banner or image with your writing.

  3. The blog post must be between 500-1500 words long.

  4. The blog post must be in English.

  5. Wassiyyah does not allow topics that create negativism or discrimination for specific ethnicities, religions, creeds, or cast.

  6. Wassiyyah allows links to your websites as long as your website is not for lifestyle, politics, porn, gambling, liquor, casino, dating, or similar.

  7. You must be a Premium or Ultimate member to be eligible to write blog posts for us. If you are not a premium or Ultimate member yet and want to join, please click HERE. If you want to know more about membership type, please click HERE.

  8. Wassiyyah reserves the right to modify content for corrections due to spelling or grammatical errors to improve blog posts.

  9. Wassiyyah reserves the right to accept or reject blog posts. Wassiyyah reserves the right to remove any published content without any restrictions.

  10. The content of blog posts must be free from legal and copyright restrictions. The writer also ensures that the content does not infringe any copyright laws. By choosing Wassiyyah as a publishing platform, you agree to the Terms, Conditions, Privacy policy, and Disclaimer of Wassiyyah. The full details of Wassiyyah's term can be found HERE.

If you are ready, Sign in and click HERE to submit your blog posts by entering the information below. Ensure you write the title in CAPITAL letters in the first 1-2 lines.



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