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What is a Pour-Over Will?

The Pour-Over Will is the Last Will to provide backup on the assets left out from Trust or Waqf. It's a popular estate plan and strongly recommended to create side by side with Trust or Waqf. In the absence of a Pour-Over Will, any property not covered under Trust will have to administer under the Intestacy rule of the country, which is what no one wishes to be taking place because it will be an expensive deal in terms of time and cost. The aim of having a Pour-over will may differ from one situation and person to another. The Pour-Over Will is a new concept and still evolving. The three typical types of Pour-over Will: (1) Pour-Over Will as a backup, (2) Pour-Over Will for transferring assets left out from Trusts, and (3) Last Wills and Trusts as separate estate plans that do not pour over to each other. Wassiyyah offers and recommends creating the first type of Pour-over Will called "Pour-over Will as a backup."

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