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Pricing and Memberships

Most affordable pricing without any hidden cost

Wassiyyah's affordable DIY Islamic estate planning pricing structure is simple. You pay the per-estate plan cost after becoming a Premium or Advance member. You have to be a Premium or Advance member of Wassiyyah to create estate plans on Wassiyyah. Scroll down the page below to see Premium or Advance membership benefits.


You get up to 25 benefits as a Premium and Advance member. Once you become a Premium or Advance member, you will not pay a membership fee for one year. The only cost you will pay is the estate plan you create. The estate plan you create will be yours for a life.

Free Islamic Wills


The following example illustrates the pricing structure of Wassiyyah, assuming the estate plan cost is US$99.

  1. If you have never been a Premium or Advance member, the total cost for creating an estate plan is US$109 (i.e., US$10 for Premium membership + US$99 for creating an estate plan).

  2. If you have been a Premium or Advance member (for less than a year) but never created and purchased an estate plan. Today, you decide to create an estate plan for your family. Your family's estate plan will cost only US$99. You will not pay for a Premium or Advance membership because you are a Premium member.

  3. If you have been a Premium or Advance member (for less than a year) but never created and purchased an estate plan. Today, you decided to create an estate plan for your family. Your family's estate plan will cost only US$99. You will not pay for a Premium or Advance membership because you are already a member.

You can sign up free under Basic membership to get limited access. The best value Premium membership plan offers 10 (TEN) additional benefits to a Basic membership. The Advance membership offers 10 (TEN) more benefits than the Premium membership. For estate planning needs, the Premium membership is suggested to get access to creating estate plans.


#1 Free

Beginner's Guide to Islamic Estate Planning - Get Here

#2 Free

eBooks on Islamic estate planning - Get Here

#3 Free

Blogs and Articles - Here

#4 Free

Sessions and events information - Here

#5 Free

Get updated through email communications excluding special news


One of the main benefits of becoming a premium member is to get access to Premium blogs and articles, Academy courses, and creating estate plans. The rest of the other benefits are a bonus on top of these.

#6 Premium blogs and articles access

Not all contents are free on Wassiyyah. Premium Members enjoy subscription content with unlimited access. Our estate planning journey will continue, and you will have the opportunity to learn about new things, such as wealth management and inheritance taxes. Also, you will enjoy the new tools we introduce as we go.

#7 Estate plan creation access

You cannot create estate plans on Wassiyyah without signing up for a Premium membership. The Premium Members get access to creating unlimited estate plans. The only additional cost you pay is the cost per estate plan. Most estate plans you can create for as low as US$25 after becoming a Premium member.​

#8 Academy access to courses

Wassiyyah's goal is to provide low-cost estate planning courses to premium members. As a premium member, you enjoy unlimited free learning courses and training. As many courses we publish, all are free for Premium members. You can start learning HERE if you are a premium member.

#9 Access to requesting free sessions and events

Wassiyyah offers online sessions, events, and webinars. We will inform you if any future session is available. But as a premium member, you can get the privilege of requesting free online sessions. Wassiyyah can provide a free session if you have a group of at least ten (10) people. Free sessions are great because you and a group of people (including your relatives, friends, or community member) can learn and ask questions. You can initiate a free session by CONTACTING US and selecting "Book online community event" under options.

#10 Newsletters for new laws and upgrades

Wassiyyah provides Islamic estate planning resources worldwide. By signing up for premium, you become part of Wassiyyah’s family. The benefit is to keep you updated about any changes in new laws worldwide that may impact your estate plan. This communication is posted under Newsletter. For example, Changes to legal laws that can impact your estate plans, Wassiyyah made critical changes for improvements to estate plans, Wassiyyah made changes to the offering of product lines, etc. To minimize communication, we do not post under Newsletter unless necessary. Wassiyyah's member should make a note and change accordingly if there is anything we communicate in the Newsletter that impacts. The laws are dynamic, so Wassiyyah ensures its members get updates on anything that can impact their estate planning.

#11 Write for us opportunity

If you are passionate about writing, Wassiyyah has ample opportunity. Wassiyyah allows the Premium members to write the topic of interest under Wassiyyah's guidelines. If you are a premium member looking to explore writing, please start your adventure in writing something good and inspirational and send us HERE. Wassiyyah's guidelines for writing can be found HERE.

#12 Opportunity to bring ideas

As a premium member, you can be part of bringing ideas by providing feedback. We can work on ideas if feasible and share with you about finding. It may result in either improvement to the website or content updating, but we are open to making changes if that can add value to the estate planning journey.

#13 Keeping traffic to real customers

One of the most important reasons is to keep the traffic to Wassiyyah low and limit it to specific customers in need with an extra layer of premium membership security. You will have your own dashboard for account management, orders, notifications, subscriptions, and many more things that will be secured through minimal traffic. We have some restrictions on account management for free members. Premium members get full access to all features of account management. You can enjoy a modern interface without worrying about security or more traffic.

#14 All future updates are free

Being a Premium or Advance member, you do not need to worry about any cost related to our system updates. Your membership includes all future updates. We will perform system updates seamlessly for you without any interruptions.

#15 Premium and Advance member support

Wassiyyah offers contact support for Premium and Advance members. Estate planning is not easy and simple, and you may have many burning questions, so feel free to ask. We can respond in 24-48 hours. It allows us to create new articles when posing questions. We can help you respond to your question and help other Premium and Advance members learn more about new blogs and articles.


These wealth planning tools have been created based on real experience. These tools are simple but have been proven effective for many to optimize their wealth planning goal. Before and after debt management tools are created worldwide. The estate, tax, and charity planning tools are created for specific countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, and China.

#16 Before debt management tools

Before you accept the agreement for a loan or mortgage, you have the opportunity to do thorough research, and that's where these tools become very handy. The Before Debt tools include many online calculators and analyzers to help you decide before signing up for debt.

#17 After debt management tools

After debts, there is no other option than paying off as early as possible, which every owner strives to fulfill the dream. It includes many online calculators and analyzers to help you optimize your wealth planning goal for debt, mortgage, loans, credits, and budget planning tools.

#18 Estate planning tools

As an expert in estate planning, Wassiyyah has created country-specific tools to help you understand the estate planning implications on your wealth. Currently, these Estate planning tools are not provided worldwide but for some countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, China etc.

#19 Tax planning tools

Tax planning tools are created specific to the country to help you understand the wealth, estate, and inheritance tax implications. Currently, these Tax tools are not provided worldwide but for some countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, China etc.

#20 Charity planning tools

Charity planning tools are created specific to the country to help understand Charity's impact on tax. Charity, gifts, and testamentary bequests are the fundamental elements of estate planning. Wassiyyah provides optimizer and analyzer tools for charity planning.

#21 AI Communicate

Give you what you need now rather than waiting for a wealth and estate planning response from humans without needing an appointment. Our AI communicate can assist in answering the pressing questions that you have been waiting for years. Our tool will be trained and optimized to improve your experience from the current to the future with your continuous utilization and feedback.

#22 AI Recommend

Get the best recommendation through our AI for your estate planning tailored based on your country, jurisdiction (i.e., state, province, or territory), asset size, asset location outside or inside your residence country, and family situation. Our AI Recommend is trained to provide meaningful information to help you make decisions to create and optimize wealth and estate planning goals.

#23 Checklist

Take control of your tasks using a checklist that is accessible anytime to monitor your progress. Our checklist is a dynamic tool to help control your wealth and estate planning tasks. We will keep optimizing this checklist to make your experience better but currently, we start with some of the critical things that can help you keep your tasks back on track. We do not want to present a non-practical checklist that is overwhelming but short and can pinpoint to make it effective and practical success of your ongoing challenges on keeping up tasks.

#24 Events

Do not miss any essential events on estate and wealth planning globally when you cannot track yourself in your busy life. You will get the most up-to-date information without overburdening you with spam of events, sessions, and courses. We will try to make it as sharp as possible so that you do not have to surf and lose opportunities that are free or at a cost. The information will be available on your dashboard, waiting for you to review, act, and check it off for wealth, finance, inheritance, and estate planning events, sessions, and courses.

#25 Manage

Use our managed analytical tools for your most needed affairs, such as debt, expense, retirement, and more. Since wealth and estate is an ongoing endeavor, we can give you simple tools to analyze and manage with simple tips. As time passes, wealth and estate planning becomes tougher, but you can imagine the prospective behavior by using these tools.

Please note that some new features mentioned above (#21 to 25) may take some time to give the best experience, so your patience is essential. These features are currently in the Beta stage, but we plan to roll out soon. However, it will not restrict you from using many other available features (#1 to #20).

If you are unsure where to start, please JOIN US​ to receive your free E-Book, "Beginners Guide to Islamic Estate Planning," specially designed for those who want to complete their estate plan completed most easily and quickly.

If you are ready to sign up for Premium membership, please click HERE.



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