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Wassiyyah Features

Wassiyyah's vision is to reach every part of the world by giving 24x7 online access to create an Islamic estate plan for every Muslim. Wassiyyah aims to deliver an intuitive Islamic estate planning solution for creating Islamic Wills, Trust, Living Will, Power of Attorney, letter of wishes, and more through a simple, secure, modern, and responsive interface.

Universal and Worldwide

Wassiyyah has packed multiple products into one. You can create an Islamic estate plan that is compliant worldwide. Wassiyyah offers three types of Wills (i.e., Single jurisdiction, Multi jurisdiction, and International Will) to provide worldwide solutions for Muslims living in any geographical location. Wassiyyah’s team studies and research Islamic estate planning in the light of Islam, legality, and contemporary challenges. Wassiyyah keeps the estate planning algorithm most up-to-date by continuously observing estate planning dynamic laws worldwide.

Tax efficient estate planning

Wassiyyah upholds inheritance tax planning as the core and crucial component of Islamic estate planning. Creating an estate plan is easy, but the challenge is ensuring your inheritors do not face big tax bills after your death. Wassiyyah ensures your estate plan is tax efficient. Additionally, Wassiyyah provides premium learning blogs and articles on inheritance, wealth, estate, death, gift, capital gain, and many other jurisdictional and cross-border taxes.

Legality, Religion and Moral

Many factors determine the validity of an estate plan in terms of legality, religion, and morals. Wassiyyah takes ultimate care when it comes to compliance with such terms. Wassiyyah takes compliance very seriously. Legality in Islamic estate planning is the least understood concept by most people. Wassiyyah ensures to manage all that to deliver your estate plan to be compliant above and beyond to make your journey successful. You are worry-free in joining Wassiyyah, so take a deep breath and relax while you become part of Wassiyyah. Consider booking a FREE SESSION to learn more.

Specific to jurisdictions

Most estate plans created on Wassiyyah are country-specific to meet legal and Islamic compliance. Wassiyyah provides Jurisdiction (i.e., State, Province, or Territory) specific Living Will (or Medical directive) and the Power of Attorney for Canada, United States, Australia, and some European countries where the laws differ from one jurisdiction to another. In short, whenever required, Wassiyyah provides jurisdiction-specific estate plans.

Solid built-in protections

Wassiyyah's estate plans have built-in protections for spouse, children, and parents in many scenarios, including forced heirship, absence of heirs, simultaneous death, disability, mental incapacity, and so on. Wassiyyah also ensures your estate plan is long-term due to the dynamic nature of laws. You will get default protections, including many special situations mentioned.

Academy of learning

Wassiyyah is not just about providing Islamic estate planning but is a learning online resource provider through exclusive free and premium blogs and articles available at your fingertips. Feel free to SEARCH keywords by clicking HERE, such as legal, Islamic Wills, Trust, Executor, Gifts, Inheritance, Bequest, Finance, Mortgage, etc. Wassiyyah also serves as an Academy and the center for online information resources by providing a legal firms' directory and Islamic institutions, colleges, and universities for Premium and Ultimate members. One of the goals of Wassiyyah is to connect with people through social media to provide guidance on contemporary Islamic estate planning issues and challenges. Stay connected with us by joining the, and you can learn more HERE about becoming a lifetime Premium or Ultimate member. If you want to learn How to sign up for membership, click HERE.

Affordable to everyone

We live under one roof, and we know that many people cannot afford the cost of Islamic estate planning, which is why many die without an estate plan. While customers hunt for the product, the cost becomes one of the determining factors. The scarcity of Islamic estate planning expertise and the high cost of estate planning is the perfect combination that creates barriers for Muslims to create an estate plan. Wassiyyah's cost for estate planning is unbeatable, which will help remove barriers. We respect the customers' needs and make it affordable so that no one disregards or delays creating an estate plan. You will save more than 95% cost compare to other services. You cannot only create an estate plan but becomes part of Wassiyyah's Premium and Ultimate member family that helps you optimize your estate plan as you go during your lifetime.

Secured Interface

Wassiyyah takes the security of customers' information very seriously. Wassiyyah has certified protection for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In other words, payment processing takes place between a site and the browser through an encrypted link. Wassiyyah does not ask for your personal information during the estate plan creation process because Wassiyyah does not provide service through online forms (and if you want to find out Why click HERE). Only information, Wassiyyah will require you to process the payment through PayPal, and your payment information is not stored under Wassiyyah. Also, all personal user information entered for the payment processing is not stored but stays in the browser, and it is wiped out immediately and is not recoverable after the user closes the browser.

Quick and Simple

Wassiyyah aims to deliver the product by allowing a quick and straightforward way to create your estate plan. We turn the complexity and confusion into a form that does not require much explanation for the average user.

Modern and Responsive

Wassiyyah's web interface is not just limited to a modern browser but works on most available devices. Also, you will enjoy modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive interaction similar to the current App environment.

Reasonable and meet your needs

Too much information provides an overwhelming experience, and too less leaves the customer thirsty. We value user time and give a reasonable solution that meets customer needs without compromising.

Objective and Meaningful

We value users' objectives for creating an estate plan to fulfill the customers' wishes on estate distribution. We allow users to select the best alternative by asking meaningful questions during the estate plan creation process.

Inclusive and Longterm

Our goal is to provide a long-term estate planning solution by incorporating sufficient legal requirements to keep compliant for a long time.

Support for Premium and Ultimate members

Premium and Ultimate members get many benefits. Wassiyyah also offers ONE-TO-ONE CONSULTATIONS support to provide any assistance needed for selecting and creating estate plans. Also, you can BOOK free online community events.

If you are confused or don't know where to start, please JOIN US to receive your free E-Book, "Beginners Guide to Islamic estate planning," specially designed for those who seriously want to make their estate plan completed in the easiest and quickest way.

If you want to start your Islamic estate plan, click HERE.

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