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This calculator includes Muslim succession shares (i.e., Mawarith) incorporating Faraidh (i.e., Fixed sharer), Asabah (i.e., Residuary), and accounts for Bayt Ul-Mal (i.e., Islamic Treasury),  Doctrine of Radd (i.e., Return or Excess) and Awwal or Aul (i.e., Reduction), Testamentary Bequest or Charity after death (allowed up to one-third part of estates) and differences of opinion from Madhab (i.e., school of jurisprudence. However, Dhawil Arham (i.e., Distant Kindred) recommended doing it separately if needed. You can learn for free on the ISLAMIC INHERITANCE LAW or become a PREMIUM member to access the ACADEMY course. Click on the "+" and "-" signs to start discovering hidden gems of Shariah law on estate distributions originates from the Holy Quran, Surah An-Nisa (4.11-14, 4.176). This software for calculating Islamic inheritance is based on, May Allah reward the author for this extraordinary work.

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