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Wassiyyah's endorsement does not mean just words instead, Wassiyyah's products go through detailed reviews and certifications from leading and highly qualified Muftis and Islamic scholars. Wassiyyah takes the utmost care when it comes to Islamic compliance in addition to legal compliance for delivering quality products to the Muslim community.

Mufti Mahir J. (Ph.D.)

Dr. Mufti Mahir is a Sunni Islamic scholar, researcher, and teacher who brings extensive experience and authority in Islamic ruling, Islamic inheritance law, and Estate planning. Dr. Mufti Mahir has been part of a panel discussion team of Oxford University professors. Mufti Mahir is certified for CSAA (by AAOIFI) for Islamic finance.

Mufti Muhammad Nazir K. (Pursuing Ph.D.)

Mufti Muhammad Nazir has worked nationally and internationally, teaching and issuing opinions on Sunni Islamic ruling. Mufti Muhammad is experienced in Islamic finance, inheritance, Islamic Wills, Trusts, Hibah, and many more halal products. Mufti Muhammad Nazir is certified for CSAA (by AAOIFI) for Islamic finance.

Mufti Akbar Razwi

Mufti Akbar Razwi is a Sunni Islamic scholar and has worked as Imam, Shaikh, and leader of many Muslim associations. He is specialized in Islamic studies and has more than forty years of experience teaching students in various fields of Islamic studies, including Islamic inheritance. His contribution to Wassiyyah includes reviewing and providing advice regarding Islamic inheritance and other related rulings.


Wassiyyah has been part of the worldwide Muslim community, helped many create estate plans, and has been recognized by many Islamic scholars and leaders. We are providing a few recognition for our successful journey in Islamic estate planning.

Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad

〝Wassiyyah has been in a Muslim community for years. I have observed Wassiyyah's work more closely, and I am confident that Wassiyyah's product can fulfill Islamic obligations and add extraordinary values to contemporary Muslim society. Wassiyyah's endeavor is a dire need from ordinary to modern Islamic society.〞

Shaykh Abdurrahmann is Imam and scholar in Markaz-Ul Islam and worked as a teacher, facilitator, counselor and instructor across Canada. Shaykh graduated from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University in Riyadh and completed a Master of Arts from Yorkville University. Shaykh has reviewed, translated, and published books on Islamic studies and inheritance.

Shaykh Maqsood Sher

〝I have seen the Wassiyyah grow from the bottom to reach the wider community by offering Islamic Wills and other Islamic estate planning products. I have been part of the presentations and discussions and witnessed Wassiyyah helping the Muslim community to fulfill Islamic estate planning obligations.〞By Shaykh Maqsood Sher

Shaykh Maqsood is Imam, teacher, coordinator, scholar, and an inspirational speaker worldwide including Canada and United states. Shaykh has bachelor's degree from the University of Islamic Studies Ajax.

Abdulsalam Abdo

〝Wassiyyah is a recognized leader in Islamic estate planning, proven through helping the Muslim community in the best way. Legality and Islamic ruling in estate planning are highly complex areas, which Wassiyyah made easy, simple, and effective through years of expertise. Wassiyyah provides a comprehensive and practical Islamic estate planning solution that will bridge gaps of low compliance in contemporary Muslim society. I refer to community members for creating their Islamic estate plans through Wassiyyah.〞

Br. Abdulsalam has served as a President and leading boards of the Muslim association, including Markaz over ten years, and he is the key personality who established a Muslim public school in Canada.

Mohamed Al-Zabidi

〝Wassiyyah is a unique estate planning service provider, not just limited to Islamic Wills but provides an exclusive and optimal Islamic estate planning solution for the benefit of the Muslim community. Wassiyyah provides in-depth and 360 views of Islamic estate planning guidance through extensive blogs and article content. Wassiyyah’s content reveals skills, knowledge, and expertise in areas of inheritance, bioethics, and estate planning.〞

Br. Mohamed served as President, Director, and Treasurer for over ten years in various positions leading the Muslim community from Muslim’s Markaz to non-Muslim organizations in Canada.

Kashif Hussain (Ph.D.)

〝Wassiyyah is a team of experts with detailed orientations and delivering quality Islamic estate planning products. Wassiyyah crafts estate plans embody skills, solidity, and practicality in Islamic and legal contexts. Wassiyyah is an excellent resource for the Muslim community for accomplishing Islamic Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, and more. Wassiyyah Academy's access to learning Islamic inheritance, Islamic bioethics, and Islamic estate planning is a great resource for Muslims. I strongly recommend creating estate plans through Wassiyyah without further delay.〞

Br. Kashif is a qualified professional in Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis. Br. Kashif has served in many organizations in various positions, from Directors to Vice presidents in Canada.



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