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Islamic inheritance certificate guide for Muslims

This Islamic Inheritance Certificate is not a legal document but is an effective tool for Executors and Trustees. Islamic Inheritance Certificate is based on Islamic inheritance law and can be used to support along with Islamic Wills or Trusts. Whichever service you use for creating your Islamic estate plan, this document can be part of your Islamic estate planning goal. It makes probate processing easy, especially for Canada, USA, Australia, UK, India, China, Europe, Japan, and many non-muslim majority countries where the laws are not Islamic. This document can be used with Islamic Wills or sometimes with Trust. Whether you create Islamic Wills or Trust with Wassiyyah or other services, this document can support Probate or other court processing by Executors and Trustees. Suppose you live and have assets in non-Muslim majority countries. In that case, the probate court can consider this document to confirm the final share of Islamic Inheritance because non-Muslim majority courts are unfamiliar with Islamic law, and they may need some documentation to see the final share. However, the necessity and urgency of this document may differ from one country or jurisdiction to another. Executors and Trustees can get an endorsement from Islamic scholars for Islamic inheritance share. The Islamic Inheritance certificate, instructions guide, and links to the "Calculation Excel spreadsheet"; are all included in a single Word document. The "Calculation Excel spreadsheet" is an offline calculator, customized for six scenarios (Kamil, Awwal, Radd, Residuary, Special dynamic cases, and Special fixed cases). So, it will be easy for Executors, Trustees, and Islamic scholars to calculate and do validation. This document explains the method of what, when, and how to deal with getting approval for Islamic Inheritance shares. Wassiyyah made this document very flexible and easy to read and understand for an average user. You do not have to struggle (as an Executor and Trustee) to find the Islamic inheritance certificate because most mosques and associations do not carry these documents readily available. The Islamic Inheritance Certificate aligns with the Sunni Islamic ruling (See Ref. (4) for more information). The Islamic Inheritance Certificate is not just a certificate but a detailed document that helps the executor and trustee for confirming inheritance shares. If you think it is beneficial, you can purchase HERE.

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