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World Major Religions

Religion has been a very interesting subject for millions of centuries, and this is the reason why we have billions of followers in the world today. While searching for the absolute truth, I find many interesting facts regarding religious origins, principles, traditions, interrelationships, and more. The majority of people what they believe vs. what they follow differs in referencing Holy books.

Most of the people are followers of what has been established through generations and forefathers. People have biases and psychological eco of fear about learning other religions and this can potentially lead to the stage of ignorance about real truth on religions. Everyone believes his or her own religion to be true and that’s why we have many cults, cultures, traditions among religions.

major religions chart

By looking at the religions of others, someone may think, how can there be faith in something that does not make any sense to the one who does not possess the particular faith? Suppose you live in the desert or jungle where there is no one to explain the religion, but at some point, you would begin to search for what and why is this and that. If someone meets you and explains the philosophy of some belief, then you would start believing in him, but not necessarily the message you are receiving is concrete. So what do you do? Either you follow the one fed to you or search for another one. But in our case, many well-established religions have existed for years, and we follow them without learning about other religions. We have a bigger challenge than the people of the desert and jungle.

world major religion classification

As religions have been challenged by many evolutionists, humanists, scientists, and naturalists, we will also cover topics of fundamental belief in the existence of God Almighty. This is not the place where we come up with conclusions about religions to be judged by science. Rather the explanation will focus on the proper understanding of major religions' principles.

world major religions timeline



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