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Updated: Sep 26

Thought on Spirituality

Think about you have tailoring machine that malfunctions and does not provide the sewing quality you desire. You changed the thread type, try to sew using different kinds of clothes but still breaks the sewing pattern. You have a short time as you are hearing customer complaints. Since you do not have time to go to an expert and try to fix yourself. It didn't work out at the end, and now you need to wait for technicians to come and set for you. You have some time, and now you decided to put together a list that you can explain the technicians better so that he can able to help to repair quickly for you. Take this analogy for our mind and body. We are built in with all unusual complications due to the intellectual and complex structure of Human being, and we need tweaks and fixes all time. Every person is unique in terms of when we talk about life challenges. One person is wealthy but not healthy and vice-versa. We need help from Allah SWT every stage of life, and there are few of the opportunities we get in a life where we can make a change. Performing Hajj is one of the ones and is not only obligations but there are lots hidden in it, and it turns about to be demanding our commitment towards religiosity, society, morality, truthfulness, and purity. You will observe some change within you during the Hajj preparation. You will focus many things not only worship but paying off debt, forgiving yourself from your family and relatives, preparing your last Will, committing your self for getting out from bad habits and so on. All good things come into mind and take this as a serious as possible in the name of Hajj to fix your self through worships and making Dua. There is numerous quote about intention. Your intentions and efforts, start generating rewards immediately and so, whatever you do to perform the successful Hajj are all rewarding at the end and so, try to get away mindset for getting this done attitude about Hajj.

Before going for Hajj

Performing Hajj wasn't as easy as today and pilgrims had to plan many months in advance due to the lack of facilities and resources. Many thanks to Allah SWT who helped us through technological advancement. Hajj has been becoming more easier and more comfortable as time goes. In the past, Pilgrims had to walk or traveled miles on camels or horses to reach Makkah and Madinah which is not the case anymore. Even though growing facilities for Pilgrimage, there are many Muslims consider the Hajj to be difficult. Don't we travel across the world and stays in the camps for recreations in the forest or climb mountains where there is always risks and challenges, and additionally there are no adequate facilities available during our vacation plans and recreational activities but still we like to take hardships! The mindset about performing Hajj is crucial. I completed my Hajj alhamdulillah in 2016 with a positive mindset, and my Hajj experience was excellent. I suggest you take a positive mindset for your journey and amplify the lifetime opportunity to see one of the most religious houses of our merciful Allah SWT.

Spiritual Journey

Even though there are physical and mental efforts required, many Muslims regards the Hajj to be an ultimate wish or life goal to be there. Hajj is one of the signs of truthness and genuine quality of our religion, and it's the only world congregation where such a mass of people gather to fulfill the religious purpose.

Planning for Hajj

You should prepare for better so that you do not have to worry about anything while you are in the Hajj or Umrah except worships. Hajj planning does not start before a month or two, instead a year or before. It's not only involved the material planning such as air ticket or shopping list but also, searching deep spirituality from in the bottom of the heart. Plan for life rather than for only the duration of Hajj and what I meant is get the most out of it. We have created a planning matrix for setting up your mindset about a spiritual journey.

Preparing Hajj & Umrah List

We aim to go for Hajj for worshiping and most importantly making a Dua in front of an Allah SWT who is the owner of the universe. Have you ever found a market or shopping center where you could get what you wish, and a reply will be in a negative! Because there is no such thing available in the world where Allah SWT is offering to us. There are not many a thing we could control ourselves, and we as a Muslim rely on the begging in front of Allah SWT. One of the greatest things is, Allah SWT likes us if we demand in front of him. We strive to do all we can to solve our issues, but there is never a time or a situation for any person without having a concern. Dua can change all in moments if we are determined and having a strong faith in Allah SWT. As soon as you read our blog, do not wait and Start creating your Dua list and you would be feeling happy coming home from a holy journey.

Hajj & Umrah Ritual guide

Our religious journey is filled up with many rituals those are time bound and requires utmost attention for performing each of the ones and Muslims going for Hajj do worry about much rituals than anything else. Performing rituals is essential but do not use all your energy in the beginning and middle part of the Hajj, and when the final portion of Hajj takes place, you don't feel any zeal. Take the slow approach, Enjoy the time in Al-Haram sharif and Madina-wa-munawwarah, meet & greet with pilgrims from throughout the world, be ready to help someone rather than to be troublesome. The other side of performing Hajj is to express love, compassion, patience, and positivism. Give opportunities to elderly or sick people in the Hajj while performing rituals. Some pilgrims have the goal to kiss the Hajre Aswat at the cost of anything which is merely a to-do item. You may be accomplish one or a few things, but there are many other things you can do as we mentioned before such as having patience which has big rewards in front of Allah SWT.

Read books on the history of Hajj

The holy city Mekkah and Madinah are the enormous historical sites, and especially if you are going along with your children, this is the place where they will be discovering much of Islam and other Abrahamic religions. We have learned throughout our educational study about the world history that may include the stories of kings, Queens, Palaces in the context of country, politics, cultures, etc., and most of the history has become a history of the past and died over the time. When it comes to Hajj, you are not only reviving the history but there are many hidden events took place including Prophet Abraham's sacrifice, Safa, Marwa, etc. are all give the life lessons. The history of Mecca did not have a basis of creating the status, cast, discriminations, politics or pride, Instead, it has full of compassion, patience, simplicity, decency, diversity, and unity. We encourage to read history prior going for Hajj to discover the more love to the house of Allah SWT.

Map of Holy cities Makkah & Madinah

It's never enough in such a large area especially in the Holy city Mekkah where the masses of people gather. You may not need the entire city map as you would have the traveling facilities available, but It is better to have the layout for the Haram Sharif and around the area. Understanding the layout would save time on commuting in and around Kabbah. Maps would help you find especially washrooms locations and various gates exits etc.

Hajj and umrah

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