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Three Years Debt eliminating calculator

The concept of "debt" evokes fear, challenges, and difficulties for individuals who face it. The truth is that very few people are without debt. Debt encompasses anything owed personally or in business, regardless of the amount or type. For Muslims, debt management is crucial to comply with Shariah and Islamic rulings. Debt plays a vital role in financial and estate planning, with personal, social, spiritual, and legal implications that many fail to realize when taking on debt. Emotions often influence decision-making when it comes to debt. For instance, you may strongly desire to own a house and be willing to do so at any cost. However, this approach may not align with your faith, as there are few truly Halal mortgage providers, despite their claims. If you opt for a Halal mortgage, extra care must be taken due to the lack of clarity in the terms, which is commonly observed. Our tool is a valuable resource, helping you visualize your financial future by calculating the interest (riba) you would be paying on top of the principal amount. The interest payments can amount to approximately 50% of the principal. Consider the example of owning a property worth $1 million, where you would end up paying close to half a million in interest alone. Isn't that a daunting prospect? These figures highlight the alarming reality of the interest burden associated with debt. It underscores the importance of being cautious and well-informed before committing to financial obligations. Proper debt management becomes crucial not only for financial stability but also for adhering to religious principles and ensuring a secure future. By understanding the true cost of debt and exploring alternatives that align with your values, you can navigate the challenges of debt while preserving your financial well-being and faith.

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