What should I know about registering Islamic Will?

Updated: Sep 25

If you are creating Single or Muti-Jurisdictional Will, you may or may not needs to register your Will depending on the countries you live in and your estates located. Not all countries need Wills to be registered. It is not mandatory in the majority of countries to register Will unless you are creating international Will. All Wills are not necessarily registered (for example, you keep a holographic Will at home). It is not the content of the will you register for but the information that enables the Will to be available in a database through a registry (especially in Europe). However, a Will that is not found considered non-existent in some countries. That is why the registering of each Will is necessary. In this way, the Testator can be sure that his last wishes will be found and therefore respected following his death. The Testator can register the Will himself or ask his lawyer to do so. The cost of registering a Will is negligibly small. We provide instructions on whether you need to register or not in the RESIDENCE tab right below the dropdown menu when you select the country. International Will must be registered otherwise your Will process would not complete. Your consulting law firm in your area can direct the registration process for International Will. ​ We are giving some information below for registering your Will, however, you may consider contacting local public notary to get the specific information.

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