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Islamic estate planning guide for Muslim-majority Countries

Many Muslims believe that if they live and have assets in any Muslim-majority country, there is no need to create Islamic Wills or Trusts. However, this belief is flawed for several reasons, including the differences in Islamic jurisprudence schools worldwide, the legal framework, inter-marriages, mass migration, and freedom of thought. This article highlights why an Islamic estate plan is necessary, even if one resides in a Muslim-majority country such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, or any other. Firstly, the differences in Islamic jurisprudence schools across the globe contribute to the need for an Islamic estate plan due to different interpretations. Secondly, the legal framework itself can be a limiting factor. Intermarriages and mass migration have become increasingly common in today's interconnected world. Individuals with ties to multiple countries or family members residing in different jurisdictions face challenges in ensuring their estate is distributed according to Islamic principles. For these reasons, Wassiyyah, an Islamic estate planning resource, becomes invaluable. By incorporating Wassiyyah's estate plan into your goal, you can be confident that your assets are distributed as per Shariah while also fulfilling all legal requirements. It provides peace of mind and guarantees that your wishes are respected, regardless of their location or the legal complexities surrounding Islamic inheritance. So, the misconception that Islamic Wills or Trusts are unnecessary in Muslim-majority countries is unfounded. Due to differences in Islamic jurisprudence schools, legal frameworks, inter-marriages, mass migration, and freedom of thought, an Islamic estate plan is essential to ensure proper asset distribution according to Shariah. Wassiyyah provides a practical solution, ensuring compliance with religious principles and legal obligations, regardless of the global context.

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