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Estate planning in the United Kingdom (UK)

There is good news for UK residents regarding estate distribution, as the process is relatively simple compared to other countries. However, one major concern is the inheritance tax, especially for those whose estates exceed the free allowable thresholds and certain categories. Nevertheless, it is important to note that various opportunities for exemptions should not be overlooked. In the UK, probate is a legal requirement when the deceased individual leaves behind assets that require estate distribution. There are some exceptions where probate may not be necessary, such as beneficiary-designated or joint assets. It's worth mentioning that inheritance laws vary across the UK. For instance, Scotland has forced heirship, which takes precedence over Will. Special Islamic estate planning methodologies are required for Muslims to comply with Shariah. However, there are ample opportunities to create Islamically compliant Wills and Trusts. To address this need, Wassiyyah offers customized solutions for creating Shariah-compliant Islamic Wills and Trusts that fulfill religious obligations. Islamic inheritance law allows for the distribution of assets to inheritors beyond the contemporary family, making inheritance tax considerations essential. So, while estate distribution in the UK may be relatively simple, the inheritance tax remains a significant concern for individuals with estates exceeding the allowable thresholds. However, there are exemptions available that should be noticed. For Muslims adhering to Shariah, special Islamic estate planning is required, and Wassiyyah offers solutions to create Islamically compliant Wills and Trusts. Considering the broader scope of inheritors allowed under Islamic inheritance law, carefully considering inheritance tax becomes essential.

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