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Estate planning calculator for Australia

Wassiyyah has developed a customized calculator designed to address Australia's general estate planning requirements. It is important to note that each state within Australia has its unique criteria and regulations regarding taxes imposed on different types of estates upon death. While there are certain commonalities across the country, such as savings tax on gifts to spouses, relatives, or friends, establishing trusts, or making donations to charitable organizations, it is crucial to consider the specific tax implications that may affect your estate planning based on your location within Australia. This calculator aims to visually illustrate the diverse range of taxes and factors that come into play when planning your estate. Australia is renowned as a developed country where Muslims have lived harmoniously for many years. For Muslim individuals residing in Australia, estate planning holds significant importance due to the discrepancies between the legal laws of the country and Islamic law. Addressing this concern, Wassiyyah offers specialized expertise to Australian Muslims, enabling them to create estate plans that align with the principles of Shariah while adhering to the country's legal framework. By utilizing the calculator provided by the Wassiyyah, individuals can gain insights into the intricate tax implications associated with their estate planning decisions. This empowers them to make informed choices and develop estate plans that comply with legal requirements and adhere to their personal beliefs and values. So, the customized calculator developed by the Australian Taxation Office serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of estate planning in Australia. By considering the specific tax criteria of their state and addressing the unique concerns of their religious and legal obligations, individuals can develop estate plans that are both compliant with the law and compatible with their personal beliefs.

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