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Worldwide Inheritance, wealth, death, or estate taxes

No other topic is more important than this, and we need your full attention. Muslims oblige to create the Will that is compliant with shariah, and that’s Wassiyyah ensures that the Inheritance is distributed upon death based on Islamic Inheritance law. If you do not know about Islamic Inheritance law, you can learn by visiting Islamic Inheritance law. As per Islamic law, fractions of shares shall be owned by one or more inheritors, posing a potential tax issue upon death. Depending on your residence and domicile and non-domicile country or jurisdiction, there are different tax impacts such as death tax, estate tax, wealth tax, probate tax, inheritance tax, succession tax, gift tax, or capital gain tax on any outstanding income. We are giving important references that provide an overview of taxes worldwide. This content may not be current, but it gives you some idea.

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