What should you do prior deciding on mortgage?

Updated: Sep 21

You might have considered following the golden strategy if you did know before!

Consider putting the BIG-BIG down payment rather than small 5 or 10%! Consider paying through accelerated Weekly or Bi-Weekly! Consider putting the additional payments per year!

Many tools are available on our website, and you may save up to 60% of interest using little tricks through our fully customized Mortgage Calculators, Analyzers, Comparators, and Optimizers.


  1. Consider applying all three strategies mentioned above to efficiently utilize the mortgage system in place which is optional (and that's why a majority of us, not using it) however those are the only way to come out from mortgage quickly.

  2. If you consider making additional payments, then do early enough as soon as your year term starts, efficiently utilizing your payment strategy.

  3. If you consider making additional payments, then make it optimized amount which can effectively save you a chunk of interest. Use our Mortgage additional payment optimizer to calculate the best amount.

  4. If you consider making accelerated bi-weekly payments, then do as soon as your mortgage starts, or in other words beginning from the first month of the mortgage.

  5. Move any available cash or deposit you have in your bank to mortgage rather than keeping in the bank for doing nothing.

  6. You may pull out at any time by refinancing mortgage whatever money you pay off above the payment you are making a minimum monthly commitment,

  7. If you have any vehicle which is not in use, sell it and put it towards your additional mortgage payments.

  8. If you an investment that is not getting better or chances of losing money than move those investments cash to the Mortgage additional payments.

  9. Keep some cash for you for covering your expenses, travel plan, medical or emergency but rest move to the mortgage.

  10. Look back your expense history and cut down any excess expenditure and just spend as reasonable as possible to put down more in the mortgage.

  11. You need to watch out for the milestones arrivals and their renewal. The first milestone is, you have the yearly cut-off date for making additional payments or lump sum payment and do not miss that and as we said above, make the extra payments in the early time of the year. Also, there is a mortgage terms renewal which you do not want to miss either where you may have opportunities for bargaining mortgage interest rates. There is one catch here that upon these renewals, you will need to have communications with the bank for ensuring that additional payments or lump sum payments are made. It is often forgotten, and your strategies of interest savings break down.

Lastly, avoid taking the Mortgage if you have a option to borrow from your friends or relatives without any interest and before making a decision, do enough research through our Mortgage tools available on our website.

What should you know before deciding on mortgage?

Wassiyyah inspired many people to save them from paying interest. Wassiyyah is not anyway encouraging people to take on mortgages or debt. There are many adverse consequences of taking on liabilities without thinking. Sometimes, you may realize the fact, but only after taking on debt, and that's why we are giving some tips to pay off debt faster to save you from interest.

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