What else can we do at not cost?

Updated: Mar 26

Of course, many things we can contribute. Charity does not mean all time to be wealth, there are many ways we can give back to community, poor, sick, orphans and more.

Many things we can contribute without any difficulties, if really we do think to.

  • Good word

  • Control anger and be calm

  • Smile

  • Speak the truth

  • Do not over speed vehicle

  • Do not break promise

  • Utilize mind for good cause good habits and good thinking

  • Help getting homeless people to good habits

  • Thanks –salutations

  • Removing insulting and bad graffiti’s from wall wherever possible

  • Give appreciation for help

  • Congratulate for good work

  • Make quick phone calls to relatives, friends and others to keep relation in line

  • Giving hands to elderly or sick

  • Greetings to children’s

  • Removing obstacles off the way

  • Encourage positivity and avoid spreading negativism about anything

  • Hopeful for future and do not despair in distress situations

  • Avoid bad words behind someone’s back

  • Be thankful all time

  • Be kind, gentle and humble

  • Invest time for self development such as learning languages etc

  • Meet and greet people each other the people you do not know

  • Offer the community the skills you have

  • Offer advice in the area you have expertise

  • Hiding bad things of other and try to help them coming out and encourage doing good

  • Learn new skills and share those with community.

  • Mentor younger kid

  • Do the things achieving end goal

  • Encourage and volunteer in organizations that helps the humanity

  • Volunteer at disaster prone people

  • Participate food drive

  • Participate clean up drive in the city.

  • Complete survey and provide feedback for improving

  • Put on your own time for free

  • Compete in good, excellence and positive

  • Use jealousy in a good way

  • Keep to do humanity work while going to new country or town or city

  • Eat good healthy stuff

What else can you do at no cost

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