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What are the primary legal requirements for Sharia-compliant Will?

There are three primary requirements. However, there is a lot to consider from a legal perspective. Wassiyyah provides exclusive blog articles and instructions for Premium members tailored to meet your legality above and beyond.

  1. The Testator (s), executors, and witnesses must reach the age of majority to create your Will.

  2. The Testator (s), executors, and witnesses must be mentally capable of being eligible to create or to be part of a Will.

  3. Wills must be in writing. Language of Will is essential. You should create Will in the language most spoken in your Country or jurisdiction. Consider making Will in English, then a certified translated copy in your Country's language if the first language is not English in your Country.

  4. Wills must contain the revoking, executors' duty, provisions for debts, expenses, estate distribution, and guardianship as a minimum.

  5. Testators and Witnesses (minimum of two Muslim male witnesses) must sign in the presence of each other.

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