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Volunteering the way to giving back to community

There is no city or town in the world, you will find without having a hospital that gives ample opportunities to serve sick people. We have begun the program in the small city of Canada which can be inspirations for many who are willing to volunteer. Humanity always comes first in anything we do in our life, it may be at home, work, society, politics or maybe practicing ethics at the personal, employment, or business level. If you want to become a volunteer at Alberta Health Services, there is a specific procedure that needs to be followed. Please find below a reference guide for becoming a volunteer at AHS.


Application form; Complete the following two application form and visit the AHS at Fort McMurray. a. AHS- Volunteer application form.

Medical reports: Visit the family physician doctor and complete following. 1. Blood test, if not done in last 3-6 months.

2. If you have all the required vaccination available as per attached AHS form "Communicable Disease Assessment form" then get verified with doctor ensuring nothing is missed.

3. If you do not have required vaccination available as per attached AHS form "Communicable Disease Assessment form" then discuss with Doctor, in few cases based on blood test result, some of the vaccinations can be waived. If vaccinations are waived then Doctor needs to give proof of letter. If you are required to take vaccination then visit Walmart to complete your vaccination. There is a charge for every vaccination. See attached Quote for completing vaccination.

Criminal record check: Complete the Criminal record check with local police station. For getting Criminal record check, visit Police station for making application. You may need to pay the fees ($15 or more) for the Criminal record check application. You would need three things; Fees receipt that was paid at Police station and two pieces of identification. (First piece of ID should be Driver's license or Passport and, the second piece of ID should be Health card or Security license or PAL or Air Miles or Aeroplan etc).


Apply online: You may be able to apply online by going into link: and Click on “Fill in an application” under "I would like to volunteer". Volunteer Resources will review your information and be in contact with you to arrange a 1:1 chat to learn more about your interests and availability. Please read the instructions "Gathering documents for volunteering application" mentioned above.

Submitting document: Send above mentioned documents to Hospital Volunteer coordinator or contact one of the Volunteer of Hospital to get you in touch with Hospital Volunteer you know for submitting applications.

Alberta Health Orientation: After successful acceptance of the application you will be called for orientation prior volunteering starts.

For existent AHS Volunteers: If you already have an account with AHS Volunteering, Click on “Login to your account” under "I would like to volunteer". If you already have account but forgot your username or password, click on “Forgot your username or password”. Select “ I forgot my username” and enter your email. Click on “Send email” to get your username and password. Once your profile is existing, you would be able to do following…

  1. To edit contact information or change the privacy settings or to subscribing, go to Home> Edit. You may change your contact information or any incorrect information and click on “Save”.

  2. To see the available volunteering opportunities, Click on “OPPORTUNITIES”.

  3. To enter volunteer hours, Click on “HOURS”, where you would be able to enter the visiting volunteering hours. I do not have much details as when to enter the hours prior or later on visiting.

  4. To see monthly volunteering hours, click on “REPORTS”.

  5. To contact volunteering coordinator, Click on “CONTACT”.


There are numbers of volunteering opportunities available across Alberta under AHS umbrella. You may be able to apply one line to become volunteer. Click the links below for respective regions.


Volunteering is the way to giving back to community



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