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Universal flood a Religious and Non-religious belief

Universal flood is ancient spiritual history that changed the world but the actual timeline cannot be ascertained.

Universal flood concept is found in many religions, non-religions and cultures but is going back to the story of Prophet Noah A.S. for Muslims, Christian and Jewish.

Manu - The first human being a belief of Hinduism

Hinduism story persists in the epic tradition (written between 300B.C.- A.D. 300) of a great flood. It was so great that “there was water everywhere and the waters cov- ered the heaven and the firmament also” (Maha- bharataIII.clxxxvi). The hero of the story is Manu, One day a fish approached Manu and asked him for protection in exchange for a bless- ing (later tradition identifies the fish as the God almighty Vishnu). Manu helped the fish, who gives him this warning: “The time for the purging of this world is now ripe. Therefore do I now ex- plain what is good for thee! The mobile and im- mobile divisions of the creation, those that have the power of locomotion, and those that have it not, of all these the terrible doom hath now ap- proached. Thou shall build astrong massive ark and have it furnished with a long rope. On that must thou ascend, O great Muni, with the seven Rishis and take with thee all the different seeds which were enumerated by regenerate Brahmanas in days of yore, and separately and carefully must thou preserve them therein (Ma- habharata III.clxxxvi). Manu alone survived the great flood, and from him the world was repopu- lated.

Noah - The Prophet of God in the Holy Bible of Judaism and Christianity faith

Jews & Christians would expect all civilizations to post date the universal Flood, which destroyed every human save the family of Noah (Genesis 7). The peoples that sprang from Noah’s sons then spread over the Earth, the text indicates that most of the people stayed together in the land of Shinar (Genesis 11:2), where they began construction on that fateful tower. The hubris of Noah’s descendents kindled the wrath of God almighty, Who, after He had confused their lan- guages, “He scattered them abroad over the face of all the Earth” (Genesis 11:9). Josephus wrote that “each colony took possession of that land which they lighted upon and unto which God almighty led them; so that the whole continent was filled with them, both the inland and mari-time countries” (Antiquities I.v.1). From this point the Old Testament records the history of the children of Abraham; the events of the rest of the world can be known only through secular history. We must try to trace the origin of Hin- duism back to an original belief in the true God almighty—a belief passed down from the proge- ny of Noah. In a passage particularly descriptive of the Indian religion, Paul argues that the an- cient Gentiles knew God almighty, but they did not “retain their knowledge of God almighty,” in- stead changing “the glory of the incorruptible God almighty into an image made like corrupti- ble man—birds and four-footed animals and creeping things” (Romans 1:28,23).

Noah or Nuh - The prophet of God in the Holy Quran of Islamic faith

Muslims has the detailed story of Prophet Noah (or Nuh) in Quran Chapter 17 as well as Chapter 11 “Surah hud”, Verses 31-38. “None of your People will believe except those who have believed already! So grieve no longer over their (evil) deeds. But construct an Ark un- der Our eyes and our inspiration, and address me no (further) on behalf of those who are in sin: for they are about to be overwhelmed (in the Flood).”

Summary and analysis

Bible and Quran confirms the story of Noah (or Nuh) A.S. but do not con- sider Noah A.S. as first Human being. The prophet Adam A.S. is the first human who exist- ed many years before of the time of Noah A.S. being confirmed in the Holy Bible, the Old Testament and Quran. Hindu scripture consider Manu (resembles to Noah A.S.) as the first human being. I will leave on readers to put more thought on this.

The story of universal flood is also popular in Many African cultures including the Kwaya, Mbuti, Maasai and Yoruba peoples. Similar stories found in China during reign of King “Yao” also known as the Gun-Yu myth. There are many more stories of universal flood narrated in the world history.

universal flood vs Noah's flood in abrahamic religions



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