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Islam above & beyond

Despite Islam being one of the simplest religion, there is much remains the mystery for the world people regarding recognitions and respect.


One of the great principle that makes the Islam logical by allowing adequate reasoning in the understanding of God. Islam is the monotheist Abrahamic religions, strongly emphasized in the belief of one God. The first pillar of Islam is to have the belief in one God. God deserves the respect that people worship one God, and one of the major sins in Islam is the belief in more than one God.


There are lots of negative debate and discussion that is taking place through out the world media by finger pointing each other religions. Islam strongly discourages the acts of disrespect of other religions or faiths, though the right path is laid out clearly what should believe and what not. Many unfortunate incidents took place in the history in which the Holy Quran, the sacred scripture of Muslims, burnt and disrespected; it is worthwhile to mention that nowhere in the world history, found that Muslims have done such disrespect to other religions scriptures. The reason being, Islam gives narrations which detailed for respecting prophets such as prophet Abraham (AS) and other prophets such as Prophets Adam, Moses and Jesus (Peace be up on them all). In the history of Islam, the only exceptions in regards to destroying idols that happened in Mecca during the beginning of Islam. The statues removed up on command from God to purity Kabah (or Quiblah and "Direction" in English). When Prophet Abraham (AS) built the Kabah by order of God, the intent was to worship one mighty God. As the time passed, a famous man who visited Egypt, Syria and other where he found that there was a hot market for selling and worshipping idols in Egypt, Syria and so, he brought few statutes and placed in the Kabah which grown to become the house of 360 idols. So the idols were the part of the culture and later turned into religions of Arab.


Do and don't very transparent in Islam and no room left for confusion in the areas of moral, social, economics, estate planning, science (by showing signs), Politics and justice. As the technology advances, Islam allows the customization through Opinions (called Fatwa in arabic) from the religious scholars. Hallal mortgages, insurances, banks and other faith based products are the by products of Islamic rationalizations.


Islam brings comprehensive details about history, scriptures, and prophets of previous religions such as Judaism and Christianity.

Islam above and beyond



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