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Goals in sickness

Even though we are not expecting, but many unfortunate things may happen, and we may face challenges of short or long-term sickness.

Our life is not the same or consistent every instant, and, it's like a Rockies, not a smooth way. We natural have feelings of expressing emotions, hope, desperation, happiness or optimism. Childhood is the best known for innocence and then adulthood for curiosity and facing more and more challenges as we grow older.

We always think about gaining flexibility in our mind and body. In my childhood, I used to think about how can I consider my self to become a stone which does not move or do anything in any desperate situation. Human beings have considerable flexibility in adapting circumstances whether it comes to health, wealth or livelihood. Healthy people healthy lifestyle which creates high aspirations. This does not mean that people can not accommodate the downturn of life. It is not so difficult to wait for a missed flight during our journey or having the patience to accomplish a school or university or anticipating to get a good job or baby, however when it comes to sickness, it needs an enormous amount of energy, endurance, and strength.

Wealthier may have a goal of living in a beautiful home or dream of enjoying expensive car while for the poor, getting a daily meal for a weak is one of the daily provocations. We have our own world to live, and we get so assimilated, sometimes it takes months or years to escape the dilemma. Even though we are surrounded by family and friends, our own world is separated entirely from each other. We dream and try to achieve goals, and always getting ready for the next challenge.

In the sickness, our world becomes so small that we just look for accomplishing little tasks that we never focus while healthy. Our mind stops thinking further due to confinement of illness, and thus, our expectations and objectives take another course.

During my scheduled hospital visit, an old man who was in the hospital for months. He was just grieving for his wife who was delayed in her regular visits. We tried to make him involved with playing bingo and talking different topics but, he could not get away with his thoughts about his wife, as I did not know how long has he been waiting for her. He may have begin making goals to meet his wife for a week or month. All these little visits, we do not bother much when we are all strong and healthy, and our goals for career or investments transforms merely into waiting for someone's visit during sickness. It is not easy to actualize unless we take a moment to reflect it. Even though the illness is unfortunate things happen in life, but give us an opportunity in the revival of oneself. As we said, there is a hidden world within us that needs some sort of thrilling, and sickness brings opportunity to get inspired.

On another occasion, we met an old lady who had a daughter and grandchildren living in the same city where she was hospitalized. They used to visit her a few times a week. She was eagerly waiting to see them, and that was her goal.

Sufferers have a goal to recover from sickness and get back home, but unfortunately, they cannot, and they have to make the hospital their home in many long-term ailments. We do not think all these while we are healthy and wealthy as we should. Good things are good, but there are lots to learn.

Our world of amusement turns into a small world of desperation in a moment. Since nothing is predicted in life and until we are all strong, we are hopeful and positive about predictions. All is good but sometimes help to look at the people around who face frenzy and get inspirations and appreciate more grateful than ever for our life, what we do and what we have. The petite pace back and thinking may help us prepare for the future.

There are many factors does play a role in such situation that we even do not know about the person who is sick. He or she may not have money to pay for hospital expenses or may not have the relative or friend support, adding more trouble into sickness, respecting all and keeping in mind, may help us recycle and rethink while visiting sick. We tend to think always the illness to be an unfortunate thing and that is true as we do not have authority over own physical, and we have to just work it out.

Everyone deserves fun, happiness and liberty in life but many of us are born blind, deaf or disabled, make the challenge for themselves as well as the one for who is looking after. If no one to look after then they have to just rely on facility or people they have, sometimes they will not have any alternative sadly.

There is no timeline or specific scenario for getting sick, but we do know for sure that having good eating habits, healthy lifestyles, being optimistic may help steward our life in a better way. In case of accidents or sports activities whether at home or work, we have opportunities getting away from worse.

We have time, life, chances and so on, but wisdom lies in utilizing all these intuitively. The smartness is not to have all these blessings misused and get paralyzed, but have patience and try to do what ideally need to do.

Goals in sickness

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