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Executor Handy Kit & Other documents for settlement of Last Will and Trust

There are several documents that can be helpful for Executors as well as Trustees during the settlement process. We provide access to our Premium and Ultimate members for free. These forms and templates may differ from one jurisdiction to another, but we are providing them here so that you may use them and get familiar with them as an Executor or Trustee of the Will or Trust. The executor handy kit is especially useful for Testator during probate processing of the Last Will, and the rest of the other documents below are useful for the settlement of the Trust. Wassiyyah has compiled the documents library ready for the Executors and Trustees of the Islamic Will. Every document has a specific purpose and aims to achieve. The Executor Handy Kits include Family Tree, Asset List (Only for Islamic Will), Letter to Employer, Letter to Organization, Notice to Creditors, Funeral and Burial arrangement letter, Trust certification (Only for Trust), etc.,

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