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Christian Mutual Insurance

It all started from a need to find cost effective means to insured church or related properties and risks. Christian mutual insurance are available in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries you may find on the web.


MAX Canada Insurance Company, Baden, Ontario, Canada: MAX Canada Insurance Company (MAX Canada) is a mutual aid organization that combines state-of-the-art insurance with a strong commitment to Anabaptist values. As a member of MAX Canada, you join a community of thousands of others sharing similar values all across North America who support each other in times of loss.

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United States

Catholic Mutual Group, Nebraska, USA: The Catholic Mutual Relief Society of America (Catholic Mutual Group) was founded by a group of Midwest Catholic Bishops on February 1, 1889. Unable to obtain reasonably priced, reliable insurance on their churches, they worked together to form a mutually protective organization which would help repair or rebuild damaged church properties. Participation in Catholic Mutual Group is limited to Catholic Church-owned properties. While Catholic Mutual Group provides coverage that resembles that of a typical property/liability policy, it goes far beyond insurance. It has a history of providing “relief” to members that experience losses not covered by traditional insurance or in cases where losses exceed the amount available under the coverage certificate. Website link:

Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company, South Carolina, USA: SMCI insures more than 7,700 churches in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Website Link:

Brotherhood Mutual (Mennonite), Indiana, USA: Brotherhood Mutual insures America’s churches and related ministries. It provides quality property and liability insurance coverage, custom designed to help churches and related ministries do their work safely and effectively. Website Link;

Church Mutual, Wisconsin, USA: Church Mutual was founded on March 4, 1897, by two Lutheran pastors and eight laymen from two Merrill congregations. The company's first policy was written on June 3 of that year. For 115 years, Church Mutual has specialized in insurance for religious organizations. Our market also includes religious-related schools, camps, denominational offices, and senior living facilities. We insure religious institutions of all denominations.

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Goodville Mutual, Pennsylvania, USA: Goodville Mutual was founded in 1926 by Mennonite people who were aware of the growing need for automobile insurance, especially so they could meet their obligations to third parties (liability insurance). They created a company on the principle of bearing one another’s burdens, a core belief of the Anabaptist-Mennonite community that members must practice mutual sharing and accountability. However, from the beginning, the company agreed that it would serve like-minded people from outside their religious community. Website Link:-

Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company Ohio, USA

United Kingdom

Ecclesiastical, Gloucester, UK: It was established in 1887 to protect the Anglican Church and we’re still committed to doing this today. Over the years we’ve grown to provide tailored insurance solutions for organizations and people who care – such as charities and heritage property owners. Website Link:

Catholic National Mutual Ltd (‘CNM’), Guernsey, UK: CNM was created in 1979 as a mutual insurance company to participate in the insurance of the property and liability risks of the Catholic Church in Scotland, England and Wales. CNM is based in Guernsey and is fully regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.


Catholic Super, Melbourne, Australia: Catholic Super is an Australian superannuation fund currently managing $4,230,703,573. (Fund Value as at 31 January 2012) on behalf of approximately 70,000 members and 5,000 employers. Established in 1971, we offer superannuation for the employed and the self-employed, including complete financial planning services, insurance and pensions. Website Link:-

Christian Super, Rhodes, Australia: Operating since 1984, Christian Super is a not-for-profit industry fund that provides members with all profits made. Christian Super avoids investments in corporations that engage in: producing goods or services that have addictive or harmful effects on people (such as illicit drugs, gambling, tobacco, pornography), Activities that are excessively.

Christian mutual insurance

Christian Mutual Insurance is limited to Christian Associations, However the aim is to provide insurance based on mutual concept of clean & pure christian community, In other words, The Insurance provider will insure the property based out of income through which will not include producing goods or services that have addictive or harmful effects on people such as illicit drugs, gambling, tobacco, pornography.

Disclaimer; This information are to be used for reference only. Please contact respective insurance operator for more detailed information.



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