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Abrahamic Religions History

Abrahamic religions have the history begin with the first human being and prophet Adam PBUH. Since then there is long chain of history, transition, pattern & more.

In a broader perspective, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are considered as a Abrahamic religions or sometimes called as a Western religions. The history tells us about how the three religions came into existence and detailed references found in holy books Old testament, New testament and Quran.

Abrahamic Religions history timeline

Abrahamic faith pillars

The Abrahamic faith has three pillars which are compulsory, not negotiable nor changeable as these three pillars are ordered by God almighty to the prophet Abraham and all Prophets of God almighty. They practiced and obeyed these principles. This obliges the true believers of the Abrahamic faiths to respect and obey them otherwise consider them untrue believers who create a sense of deviation from the truth.

Monotheism Belief in One, Unique, Incomparable God.

Worshiping Perform prayer as the Prophets of God did by submitting their will to God through the act of worship.

Circumcision Each male to be circumcised as God's instructions to our prophet Abraham and his descendants and believers throughout generations.

Abrahamic religions timeline



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